Moderation (spammers beware) Policy

The purpose of most of my articles is to capture ideas in the most coherent way possible. To do this requires that I occasionally update them to fix errors, account for new information, etc. These are “living documents”. Therefore, if someone posts something that compels me to change some aspect of an article, I will change that part of my article and reply with a thank-you and a note indicating how the text was changed.

If you make an embarrassing or confusing error in your post and want it changed, let me know in a follow-up reply and I will change it for you and then remove your request for the change. I will NOT edit anyone’s posts for any other reason.

I would be very pleased to see open, frank and uncensored discussion of my posts, however due to the persistance of spam-bots, I must lay down some simple rules…

  1. ALL first-time posters will be moderated.  Once your comment is approved, then you are free to say whatever you want and your posts will go up immediately…unless you start to look like a spammer or a bot, then you will be BLACKLISTED
  2. Any post that has a link to a commercial website that sells nothing related to the topic discussed will be marked as SPAM
  3. Any poster who indicates his personal website as being a commercial site that sells nothing related to the topic discussed will be marked as SPAM
  4. Any post that compliments my “wonderful writing style” or praises my “fascinating thoughts” without actually referring to any specific part of the content will be TRASHED.  I may have a “healthy” ego, but that doesn’t mean that I can be sweet-talked into putting my guard down.

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