WHO is "The Kazoo Sutra"?


Some Guy j@thekazoosutra.com
  • Architect on Mega ($B) Projects
  • Currently a resident of Jubail, Saudi Arabia (but not according to Revenue Canada, darnit)
  • Wife: "D" (Film/English aficionado, Writer and creative Seamstress/Embroiderer)
  • Son: "A" (Phylosophy major, Video game expert/blogger and Guitar player)
  • Son: "T" (Computer Studies major, Archer and Mathemagician)
  • Novice kazoo player
  • Drives a Bombardier Iltis
  • Archer
  • Newly PADI-certified scuba diver
  • Hates hippies
  • Dabbles in musical/theatrical exploits
  • The Kazoo Sutra's alter-ego
  • Still builds websites using HTML and MS-Notepad
  • Rarely uses Facebook and still doesn't know what exactly "Twitter" is all about
  • Card-carrying skeptic