1: The "Sutracoustic"

Sutracoustic Sutracoustic Reflectors Sutrasignal
The Sutracoustic's true identity is a Fender Stratacoustic: The acoustic version of the Fender Stratacaster. The Sutracoustic's special power is it's ability to send the SUTRA-SIGNAL in the event of an emergency by way of its special reflective pickguard. In dire emergencies (such as when there is no light source to power the Main SUTRA-SIGNAL), the fretboard is equiped with state-of-the-70s-art glow-in-the-dark fretboard markers that enable the Kazoo Sutra to continue playing in "Stealth Mode" long after the evil Club Owner has cut the power, foiling his attempts to force the Kazoo Sutra off the stage.

Pictured from left to right, the Sutracoustic;
1 - Under normal operating conditions
2 - With the SUTRA-SIGNAL activated
3 - In "Stealth Mode"

2: The "Humm-Bucker"

The Humm-Bucker was once little more than a worthless (<$2) plastic kazoo, however it trancended it's "humm"-ble origins one day when it was electrified with a sophisticated (>$2) microphone custom-made for the kazoo resonator. It is usually seen travelling in a harmonica headset because as great as the Kazoo Sutra is, he only has two friggin' hands and they are usually busy operating the Sutracoustic (well...MOST of the time...). The Humm-Bucker's outer shell has been "Van Halenized" for optimum awesomeness. I typically run this through a Harmonizer to make it sound like I have friends :(

3: The "Drum-Bucker"

Drumbucker: Back Drumbucker: Front
Cheap plastic storage tub with a hole cut into the lid and a bass drum pedal and a clip-mic fastened to it. Great for turning any song into a "danceable" version. Terrifies the cat, especially when he sleeps in it just before rehearsal.